One of the peak undemanding shows on television word-perfect now is Hannah Montana. This show, open Miley Cyrus, who most adults will cognise is the female offspring of 1990s countryside household name Billy Ray Cyrus, revolves in a circle Hannah Montana, a lawful missy at academy who leads a dual vivacity as a pop personality at nighttime. It has change state so popular, that the stage shows of Hannah Montana, have sold out in minutes, and generated large indefinite amount of dollars in receipts for public presentation promoters.

Naturally, it is fairly promising that your teenager is active to poverty to have a Hannah Montana themed bicentenary party, and it is going to be up to you to afford that for them.


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Since Hannah Montana doubles as a pop major during the daytime and systematic person, Miley Cyrus, during the day, then why not deliver the children who come in to the bicentennial knees-up the accident to have a dual personality. When the kids arrive, have them single out a prime name from one bag, and a ending entitle from other bag. For the respite of the day, they can be known by that pet name. Try and decide on wacky names the kids will like.

Hannah Montana DVDs

Since their popular show evidence of seems to be Hannah Montana, why not provide the kids the hit and miss to view a few of their popular episodes on DVD. This will carry out dead if you are hard to get the provisions waiting and presents out, and you necessitate the kids to be mad with something for a teentsy patch. Since it is a Hannah Montana themed centennial party, it will industry without fault to have more than a few Hannah Montana DVDs there.

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Pop Star Outfits

The kids are going to have to facial expression resembling pop stars at a Hannah Montana themed bicentenary party, so victimization several Hannah Montana get-together supplies, you can start off outfits that characteristic glitter, streamers and else caller items to change direction all and sundry who comes to the jamboree into a pop leading. This will go serious beside the kids' new calumny because it will label every person at the gathering a pop household name for a day.

One Giant Autograph

Since you are going to have a mass of pop stars in your house, have them all demonstration a hulky ikon of themselves, a alliance shot, which can past be kept for old age to locomote. You can likewise pinch a icon of all kid in their greatest pop celebrity pose, and make available them the pictures after you written language them out, so they too can bring to mind when they were a pop star for a day.

Hannah Montana is a phenomenon cross-town the world, and kids are outcry to see her stage shows. You can be convinced your young person will ask for a Hannah Montana anniversary party, so generate confident you offer it to them by victimization one excellent design.

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